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Thinking about Europe or UK for a couple of years, coming from the US and at the moment I have no offers but I really would like to learn with another michelin level restaurant over the pond. Has anyone just took off and went over, found a job and stayed? Any issues? What will my costs look like? Thanks
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Travel to the UK, involving living and earning money requires a visa. Not easy to get for any specialism not on the 'required skills' list on the UKBA site. A visitor's visa does not allow you to work.

You would have to prove you had skills unavailable from within the UK and then the wider EU community. This involves scanning the entire populace AND getting a restaurant or hotel to apply for sponsorship!

Whilst each country in the EU has it's own rules, I suspect foreigners will find it very difficult, as the proviso of being considered behin the citizens of all EU nations. frown.gif
Unless you have family from an EU country, which may allow you to apply for dual nationality.
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In Austria some of the ski hills have seasonal work visas.  4-5 months work with no or only one day off per week.  Some listing of Jobs can be found at  it is a german site but has a good job search section.  Some of the Hotel and Gausthaus at the ski hills are very high end and some will be a ski hute. They are known to be able to get the visas for the season.  then you might make some Connections and continue working.  or marry a cute austrian woman then you get a eu visa but are expected to sprechen deutch.  Good luck contact me if you are in Austria.

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