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Some background before I get started with the question..... I'm a keen home cook, I can follow recipes and from memory do a half decent roast dinner with all the trimmings - but I typically try and vary the trimmings with a receipe from a book/website.  I'm no expert but I enjoy trying.


I've just started doing some baking and since buying a magi mix at Xmas will probably have a bit more of a play with that.  The magi mix was bought to start making baby food and my other half is certainly getting stuck into cooking and baking with a vengeance in her efforts to ensure junior gets a varied palette.


Probably the most frequent thing I roast is root veg, perhaps coated in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


For years I've bought roasting pans and trays from the supermarket, often buying non-stick items.  However, other than a tefal one most seem to quickly lose their non-stick ability and when it comes to cleaning them it seems virtually impossible to do so without making the situation worse - i.e. the act of cleaning them results in damage to the non-stick layer.  Often the only thing I can shift the baked on items with is a pan scourer so we end up coating the tray in tin foil rather than cleaning the trays fully - which to me seems mad and I find it hard to believe that's the best option. 


Other things that annoy me with the supermarket trays is that they often lose their shape and warp as soon as you heat them up.


Unfortunately the non-stick tefal one that we've had for about 5 years is now starting to go - to be fair its out lasted any other by a significant margin.


So before I go and buy something I wanted to take a look at what the options are and more importantly how I should be using them.  I can't recall ever seeing any instructions on that aspect in a cookery book.


I'm wondering if there's an alternative to buying non-stick, something that I can clean without damaging it.  Without the coating I assume its possible to buy something that will last much longer and I'm willing to pay the price if its more expensive, but presumably I'd need to use them differently.


So any thoughts on what I should be looking for?  Vitreous enamel, quality non-stick, something else? 


Thinking more laterally... could I be using them wrongly?  If so how should I be using them?


sorry if this is a bit of a long and rambling question, thanks in advance for any responses.