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Traveling and education

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Hello everyone. I plan to attend a school in Portland and receive an AAS in Culinary Management. I really would love to attend a larger school with international externships but not only are they much more expensive but I can not afford to live with my four year old at most of these cities. Well, my issue is that I want to travel and learn about different cuisines and cultures almost as much as I want to attend school. Right now I have been a kitchen/restaurant manager for almost four years at a pizzeria and have no desire to open my own restaurant or be chef de cuisine for many many years. I want to gain as much knowledge about food as I can. Should I continue on to school that I have been planning for years to be professional trained and then what? Maybe find an apprenticeship program to work abroad? Just travel and try to find temporary work in kitchens? Maybe only do a diploma program to have more money to travel? Not to toot my own horn but I am a really freakin hard worker and no job is below me I really need to figure out exactly where I want to go with my career, and I think traveling will aid with that but I don't have a whole lot of money. Thank you for any advice.

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Well, if you actually want to receive an AAS in culinary management, then definitely go for it. Since, the Culinary Management AAS Program is designed to prepare graduates for a culinary management career in a wide variety of food service industry work settings, including owning your own business. It provides you the higher-level career preparation, and if once you earn this degree you will become a perfectionist in your profession. But as per you said that you have financial problem and also you want to gain as much knowledge about food, so it would be better to look out for a cheap and best culinary school near you. Also, if you are keen towards going into a particular culinary school which is a bit expensive, then you can take some loan from the bank or can apply for the scholarship programs. Because once you earn a high-level degree, you will automatically be able to earn more which is quiet enough to turn your dreams into reality. So, for this you have to take an initiative of entering into a good culinary school. Since, there are many culinary schools in Portland, Oregon. Just take a look on the list and choose the one that best fits your requirements and interest. Once you join the culinary school, you will definitely get a good exposure over there since there is a benefit with you that you already had 4 years experience of working as a restaurant manager. So you must be aware about various cooking techniques and restaurant working environments. You can easily sharpen your cooking skills in one of the top cooking schools. Also, you want to learn about different cuisines and cultures, so you can join a specific program that includes the studies related to this. And also, they provide you on-the-job training with academic instructions in which you can easily get the exposure of travelling and to learn their different cuisines specialties. Since, culinary arts career is one of the most lucrative careers that if can take it seriously, then he/she will get a handsome amount of salary at certain level of point which is sufficient enough to fulfill all the dreams. Meanwhile, you can take a look on the top culinary schools in Oregon over here: http://bit.ly/1m4BOaA

Live, Laugh, Learn and Eat !!!
Live, Laugh, Learn and Eat !!!
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To avoid starting a new thread and seen as this is within a reasonable title:


I am planning on going to France and Italy toward the end of the year as to further my knowledge and have a bit of adventure along the way.

It seems unlikely but I don't suppose anybody knows of any free culinary schools or are they all pay to be taught? If so, could any one perhaps give advice on the cheapest way to learn? My next best guess would be to get live in work and just dive straight in to the work.


NB. I do have experience in the industry.

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