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How to make crepe in 2 minutes?

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Dear all,


I'm opening a crepe take away bar. I have done my home work to practice and watch a lot of youtube video. My problem is that I can only finish my crepe in 4-5 minutes while the famous Crazy crepe man named Julio only made it in more than 1 minute.


I wonder how he can make it so fast. I use electric crepe maker at 230 degree, my batter quite thin. Is it because of the content of the batter? Does it include more sugar or egg so that the batter cooked quick and have a nice brown color (which mine is not)?


Please help me

Thanks so much

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Welcome.  I love your avatar :)  Is your batter thin enough?  Did you refrigerate the batter (2 - 24 hrs)? You don't want any tiny bubbles. I noticed he brushed the pan with butter first. What is your batter recipe? Only pour on a small amount in the hot buttered pan.  I'm not familiar with that equipment or temp. Practice some more until you get used to the apparatus.


Years ago, I ate at The Magic Pan.  Their crepes were delish. Here are some more ideas:

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Hi Phuong,


Do you still have the same problem as to the color of your crepes? For me the temperature is right so the problem may come from your recipe. Also do you leave the batter to rest before cooking it?

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Saw your post, sorry  we run our crepe cart and cafe 6 days a week so I don't get much time to hang out online.


We make a lot of crêpes, and we use 4 minutes as a standard timeline for a complex crêpe.  We use 3 different batters and each one has a different time to cook. .  Our grilles are about 240C  - around 460F  -- so check if you are hot enough.


Julio also cooks his crêpe pretty light, almost underdone in my book.  


he did 30 seconds on the first side, we usually do more like 40 - 50 seconds.  You can take onger on the scond becuase it does not brown as much.


Good luck.

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