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Hello from South Carolina

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I'm new here, and joined after coming across a question and answer forum on knives. There seem to be quite a variety of good forums here. I do a wide variety of cooking but am interested in marketing my gluten-free breads. I appreciate learning from all the different people involved in interesting projects here.



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Howdy from the middle of the desert southwest, Arizona that is. 

Wow, my husband and I just spent 4 days in Charleston with our family and had the best time.  I had my first taste of shrimp and grits with tazo ham, what part of SC are you in?

Isn’t this place great?  I was doing the same thing almost three years ago, searching for an answer to a baking sheet question, found CT and have learned so much from these generous folks, both Professionals and Home Experts.

Please take a moment to review the Tutorials, FAQ and Community Guidelines; should you have questions in regards to the site itself you can post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum. 

Now, should you care to promote your business, you can contact Chef Talk's founder Nicko about advertising on CT.  With over 50,000 members here as well as on Face Book and Pinterest, you’d get oodles of hits yourself.

You won’t be ‘sticking’ to the knife forum exclusively, will you?  :lol:

The Non-Pro forums are fantastic… the three forums for the Pros are for the pros, those of us not employed in the food industries are asked to read only there.

I hope that you’ll visit often and participate with your own food knowledge and once again,

welcome Cyril.

Aloha, k~girl

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Thank you, K-Girl,


No, I won't be sticking to the knife section only. But I was impressed by the outpouring of learned recommendations people on this forum provided. I've been hunting for an 8 inch chef knife to go along with the paring and bread knife I already have to complete my travelling knife set, which I also use for outdoor Dutch oven cooking. I've located that knife now, in part thanks to the great advice that was available. It's a unique, vintage knife, but not expensive at all, and built the way I want my chef knife to be built.


We are way in the upstate of South Carolina - the Love Springs community of Cherokee County, not far from the North Carolina border, but moved down from the north in 2011.



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