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pasta machine

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Looking to buy best professional pasta machine. Anyone have info?
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Guess it depends on what your expectations are, Are you looking for a machine to simply roll and cut or something to mix as well? We use the Imperia Restaurant (RM220) in our kitchen. We easily roll 20 pounds of dough in a session with no issues whatsoever. I have had it overheat once or twice because myself or my partner accidentally leave it running while obtaining mise en place, but it just powers down for about 10 minutes for the motor to cool and then back at it. During that down time, the machine allows for hand cranking and we just get some sheets cut. Overall, I really like the machine. We've been using it for about 6 months, make approximately 50 pounds a week and have not have any issues with it.Good luck on your search.. 

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Biggawatts, kinda like Rustbelt said, "pasta maker" is kind of a broad term. Are you interested in just a cutter/roller, a mixer/maker, extruder? The whole shabang? Let me know, I make a ton of fresh pasta, and have owned/used many types and varieties, I could throw ya' some ideas.

Cheers, torrie
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