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Chocolate-Fried Chicken Anyone?

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ChocoChicken ~~"The "choco" part of the name refers to chocolate, which is infused into the batter before the bird is fried. ChocoChicken is completely different than anything else out there. This isn’t mole, traditional fried chicken or even chicken just dipped in chocolate. It is a whole new style of fried chicken that you just have to taste to believe."


I would try it.  How about you?

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I have to avert my eyes - the "crack factor" you know . . .  :lol:   People are going to need a 12 step weight loss program in 2015.

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Thanks but no thanks. I had this idea that chocolate and chicken are not a good match at all!


Speaking of foodpairing, there's a Belgian company finding out the best foodpairings for international chefs and other food related companies. It's all very scientific. I made a free test for "chicken, roasted" to see what products are the best pairing with chicken. No chocolate in sight, but underneath there are a few mostly milk chocolates that could go well.

Their website produces charts like this; the closer to the main search (chicken), the better match;



Picture from the Foodpairing website;

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Hmm I dunno.... there are tastes that sound good, but ultimately just don't go well together.

Like the Pringles Chips flavors Cinnamon and Sugar, and the Pecan Pie. Sounds so provocative,

but in the end, they have a clash of the titans all over your tongue.

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It is something I would try. I mean, cacao nibs can be a nice addition. Just can't tell until we know more of what chocochicken really is.

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