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Hello from Michigan

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I found cheftalk during a search for new shoes. I will be posting a question separately regarding my quest. I am a skillet jockey at a privately owned hotel restaurant. I have put in about 7 years full time work ranging from hospital and banquet to chic restaurant and private club with a couple bars thrown in the mix; all while attending culinary school. While in school I went on a study abroad to the Ecole Ritz Escoffier in Paris. It was a great experience. I have also worked with Chef Stephanie Izard when she came to Michigan for cooking demonstrations. I have never believed that culinary school would make me a chef. It has however given me a knowledge base that is very hard to find in Michigan by working up a ladder. Chef is title to be earned. I have learned from many great chefs and am proud to serve as Sous Chef in my current role. 

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Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk Shaun Parker.


What an exciting journey you’ve been on.  I hope that you will share some of that in the Culinary Student forums, I’d be willing to beat that you have a lot to offer those kids.


I was doing something similar, looking around the `Net for the answer to a question and found Chef Talk.  I've gained enough confidence in myself to venture out into my own business.


Take a lookey-loo around, which I’m sure that you already have; if you have questions in regards to the site itself, simply post them in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.


We’re all here to share in the wonderful world of food, and everything related to it;  even us Home cooks, we bring plenty to the table ever night.


Check out on Face Book  and Pinterest too!

Once again, welcome!

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