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Seeking professional advice

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Yes I know, its been a while and I'm still alive.


It is probably my own fault though, I left the company and this industry 3 years ago to work with family in a professional area that I have little to no background in only to return to my old job after they sought me out 2 months later.  I basically went back for the wrong reasons though, I was getting married and figured I could use those company benefits back...I'm an institutional cook/supervisor. 


So here I am no 3 years later, gave them notice 3 weeks ago about my resignation and termination of my employment by the end of the month...again.  For mostly different reasons but some of the same.  I'm no longer the same person back then though; I have a family now, I've moved farther to handle a financial situation and because so, I've had to invest in a car (only using public transit when I don't need to show up early which has happened quite often lately due to overwhelming number of absentees).  So I can't afford to continue to work here. 


With a week and a half to my last day, they decided to dangle the proverbial carrot.  A new account is being sought at a unit closer to where I live.  Its larger, would be a fresh start, and my manager is the one heading the account and is wanting to bring people she can trust.  I am part of that short list.  Career wise, it would have been a good move and they've even admitted, it is a long deserved change that took too long to come along but figured it would give me some food for thought.  However, the account still isn't ours yet.


Now on the other hand, where I am "trying" to get a job is in a completely different field.  I put my resume in for a computer retailer trying to get a foothold in my city (its a nation wide company with a very little presence here).  The pay would be a little more but the workload would be much much less so I figure I won't be so exhausted to take a 2nd part time job if I need to.  Problem is, I need to be interviewed by a company rep who is based in a different province and I don't know when he'll be by here.  I have a friend who help me cut the line with my resume so I'll more then likely get the job but its a matter of when an interview can be setup.


TBH, I've already made up my mind but I figure it might be a little refreshing to see an outside perspective.

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Professional advice?  :)

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