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Veg or No Veg

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Hello!  Long time lurker but new member here!


We are working with a young couple to cater their wedding this spring.  They are having a buffet dinner for 100 in a barn after an outside wedding.  We offered some options then sat down and we hashed at a menu that they are happy with.  I am writing up the proposal and a thought crossed my mind that I did not know if I should bring up to the young couple.  First, here is the menu:



Cheese and seasonal fruit tray with a cheese-based dips for crackers

Proscuitto and filo wrapped Asparagus

Smoked Chicken salad in crisp buttered bread cups



Bacon wrapped green onion and Creole mustard stuffed pork loin roulade

Beef "pot roast"  



Blue cheese and bacon potatoes au gratin

Shrimp and Grits Casserole

Tossed Green salad



Blueberry and white chocolate bread pudding


Okay, so the "thought" was "there is not a vegetable".  Salad COULD be thought of as a vegetable, I suppose.  Still the other sides are so rich, should I encourage them to add another side dish that is more a typical vegetable?


Thoughts?  Half the guests will probably be in their 20's while the other half will be in their late 40's-50's.


I appreciate your input.  I am hesitant to go to them because I don't want them to think I am being critical of their choices but I would also hate for them to think back and think I should have made a recommendation.




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Welcome. I think your menu sounds great, simple, well rounded and should be very easy. Your vegetable dilemma doesn't sound out of the ordinary. I see nothing wrong with asking customer about a vegetable...often times, people just don't think of it..I  have had people asking for double or even triple starch items and it never even crosses their minds unless you point it out to them. Its our job to sell them a well rounded and flavorful menu and work within budgets. I don't know how you sold this "package" but is there enough in the budget for you to be able to supply a veg. w/no added costs to the client? would they have to give up something else in order for you to give them a vegetable or would you be adding 2,3,4 $'s, more per person for a vegetable.

IF this were my event and like you, just starting out in catering and the menu was already chosen, I would find away to bite the bullet and offer a vegetable no charge. A simple phone call 'Hi Lisa blah blah blah..thank you again for making us a part of your big day myself and my chef have been  discussing your menu and we noticed that a hot vegetable was not chosen but we would love to offer you..blah blah blah...or ask her if she has a favorite. She will like the fact that you are giving it to her for free and just calling her lets her know that her event is important and that you are seeing to it that the dinner will be great..... All that being said...."Pot Roast" I'm not sure how you/chef prepares it but we cook it with carrots, onions,celery, green bean and little red potato..then we take the veggies/potato out and put them in a separate chaffer and carve the pot roast either to go on platters or carved on the in other words there is already a vegetable with that particular protein. If you decide to go that route and not having any other vegetables I would for sure plan on roasting extra veggies along w/the meat. Sounds like you already have a starch so you wouldn't need any potato...maybe check and see what other veggies are in season and add them to your pot roast. Good luck

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we talked to the client and sure enough, they were just not thinking about potatoes not being vegetables smile.gif. Ismi!ebecause it really did not occur to us until we started to visualize the whole meal. They have decided on squash medly... Not my favorite in a buffet arrangement but it does make sense.

Thank you for your thoughtful reply smile.gif
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Out of 100 people, you will probably have at least 5-10 vegetarians attending. Other than cheese & fruit and a salad, there is nothing for them to eat.

Veggies from a pot roast are not an option for them either.


Maybe adapt one or two options for the vegetarians?

Liquored up and laquered down,
She's got the biggest hair in town!


Liquored up and laquered down,
She's got the biggest hair in town!

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We have discussed That very question and they are sure that is not an issue.
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