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Which is better? Wolfgang Puck or Cuisinart?

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So I've been eyeing a new pot and pan set at Sams for sometime now, maybe some of you are familiar with these and can offer some input. They are both made in China but the WP set is on sale locally for $129.00 and the Cuisinart for $149.00. They were previously 149 and 199 with the Cuisine being the higher each time. All things being equal which set is a better brand? The Cuisinart does seem a bit more sturdy and heavy duty. I dont really "need" these pans I just want a set of better than I have now. Do not plan to spend more than that for kitchen set, thats about my limit.

Thanks in advance,


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What are you buying exactly? 

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I have a couple of Cuisinart pans. I'm happy with the fully clad one, not so happy with the one with the disc bottom, I would say skip it unless they are fully clad, I think they call that line the Multi-clad Pro line.

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Buying a set of cooking pans.
What does all clad or multiclad mean?
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Originally Posted by QUETEX View Post

Buying a set of cooking pans.

What size, what material...? do you have a link? 

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I am amazed at how contradictory the reviews can be.

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I have a cuisinart saucepan that I like. However personally if I were you I wouldn't buy such a set. Instead I'd replace my collection one piece at a time, buying from surplus stores such as Marshal or Ross. I've bought very good pans for 1/3 of their price. It will still be more money in the long run but you can get higher quality pieces, only get what you need, and get exactly what you need. Unless, of course, you get lucky and the sizes of the pots and pans in the set are exactly what you need anyway. 

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Thanks for the reply's, I know that's the best way but I just want to buy a decent set, not a pro chef here and just wanted input on which of those two you real chefs though would be the best value or put another way, is the Cuisinart really worth 50 bucks more? All the extra pieces like spoons ext i don't really need or care for but they come with the sets.

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I don't have any experience with the W. Puck stuff so I'm afraid I can't help you there. 

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Both of those sets are disc bottom rather than fully clad. Fully clad means on the whole pan there is a layer of aluminum sandwiched between the layers of stainless steel. They are heavier and conduct heat more evenly. Disc bottom pans just have the aluminum sandwiched between the stainless steel in the base of the pan. The sides don't conduct heat as well.


The thing that would especially give me pause about the Cuisinart is the glass lids. The ad copy doesn't seem to mention how oven safe they are.

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now that is funny how much alike they look…..


I'd never buy anything like a complete SET and also nothing with glass lids…..

do you actually need all the shapes and sizes of pans in that set? most people do not.

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LOL Soesje, they are both mad in China. I usually refuse to buy anything made in china. Thanks for all the reply friends, I think I will just hold off and buy what I need. I have bought several good pieces at Ross in the past so will continue to do that. Don't really need any of it, just thought they were a very good looking set that would look nice in my kitchen when friends come over to hang out vanity I suppose, we are always in the kitchen in my house. You guys are all great, thanks for the replys and insights. 

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