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Food Trends - UK

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Hello Chefs! 


My name is Karan, and i am currently studying BA/Hons International Hospitality Management at The University of Wolverhampton. I am carrying out research for my dissertation project which is looking into what makes food trendy, and the emerging trends within the UK market. 


I have created a survey which i have had an amazing response for by the general public, but now i would like your input! I feel that getting an insight from a group of people that are in the food industry, and aware of current markets will highly develop my study beyond consumer views! 


I would appreciate if you could take out a few moments of your time to fill out my survey, as it will help me further the understanding of why we eat the food that we eat, and how food trends really work! All responses are confidential; all information gathered will be for the use of The University of Wolverhampton only and will be disposed of once data has been collected. 




Thank you!



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I'm assuming you only want people in the UK answering your survey?

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