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Looking for NYC chefs

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I am moving to Woodside, Queens within the next few days and I am asking anyone who lives in NYC or has NYC connections to take a second and speak with me.

I currently am 23 years old and have a burning desire to cook, I don't have much formal experience except for staging at Fork in Philadelphia with Chef Eli Kulp for a short period. Currently I am a baker at Whole Foods and will be doing overnight bread baking at the Tribeca store when I move. I want to learn everything I can about baking bread, but after I do, I feel it is time to jump in the kitchen. 

I take in a lot of knowledge and feel like I have a pretty good groundwork, I just need the proper guidance and someone willing to give me a shot. If anyone can recommend ways to approach chefs, or certain places in particular, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Some of the greatest the greatest chefs I know have now formal experience however education is always a plus. Work hard and ask around if you can look over another chefs shoulders to learn as much as you can the key is to be dedicated and never give up if one door closes you're in NYC a million more will open. Good luck.
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