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Paella for Line Cooking

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Hello Chefs, how can I prepare an easy Paella for my Line Cook that he can serve for under 15min.
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 I've been working on the same issue for an upcoming lunch menu. The paella would be a garnish for a chicken involtini but it hardly matters the application for it. Apply your own flavour scheme but I'm working with a minted tomato and chile paella.


 The plan I've come to is to have my rice par cooked in the tomato sauce base and cooled earlier on in the day. A sauce can be made specifically for this, or a general purpose tomato sauce can be a part of the mise en place in addition to the specific ingredients (chiles and mint in my example) To order one only needs one pan to finish the rice and complete the 'sauce', if you will.

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I think I will do this.
Pre-half cook the rice as mentioned.
Cut the onion , chorizo , sear the chicken and cool down, make shrimp stock from the shrimp peels and add saffron , chilli flake and season the stock.
All they will need one frying pan.
Add one tea spoon of oil and half fry the chorizo and put aside, fry the onions and when done add the seared chicken and cook until done as the same time sear/mark the shrimps on the grill.
Add the rice with the chorizo plus shrimp stock on top the the chicken and add frozen peas. When the peas are cooked and the seared shrimp and cook until rice is done.
Plate and sprinkle with fresh chopped Italian Parsley, serve.
If they cannot do that in less than 15 min they better be good dishwashers.
What do you think ??
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