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Social Media

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I worry that this may be lost in this setting, the word "chef" is very vague and misleading and one that is too often self-appointed..Whatever, that being said, i don't know how many of you work in the nuevo-fine dining/ molecular gastronomy realm but do you ever find yourself having that well everyone's jumping off the bridge moment? Like a little voice being like "nahh if everyone's doing it good's gotta come out of it or i'll find some niche/ purpose/ enjoyment" Like i get it, it's cool to have a medium to shoot the shit with other chefs, about your passion and innovation and just the joy of food/cooking..and no offense to forums, but in a manner that's reflecting the era we live in..also the food generation we live in..but that's another day but i just wish the had like a chef's only instagram...the hell with facebook, the 2 dollar handy of social media, twitters a joke too,

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Firstly....welcome to our forums...This is your first post I see.

I understand what you're saying.

ChefTalk is an all encompassing place for anyone and everyone that is in to food and dining.

Not all of us are in fine dining here. Some of us "just like food."


If you are searching for internet places that are for "Chefs" just for Chefs and nobody else..............good luck

You said it yourself that the name Chef is ambiguous.


In all honesty......I have to ask......If you were a Chef working a 15-17 hour day job in a busy restaurant, or industrial food service, or hotel, or college food service facility, would you have the time to go on the internet to check social media and perhaps, answer questions on a forum website?

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To answer the time, yes and no, it's really a matter of the individual's personality, priorities, and situation. And also half of the formatting of social media is to increase the rate of communication-i.e. instagram, how long does it take you to take a picture? fast can you think a thought and type 140 characters, or whatever it is..i guess those are more of matters of competency but regardless..not long. Forums, yea not that reasonable. Also what is that chef in the industry for or the operation's purpose..there's a walk of the culinary world were food is a matter of an intellectual pursuit, or satisfies on desire or needs for such. that better answers the time question, if you fall in that realm then yes. your actually subjected to it...a set changes, pictures are taken..every thought is heavily documented, i mean its to an extreme but check ferran adria's work in elBulli. Chefs also people to hire handlers for that, forget the intellectual purposes...advertising or marketing of the chef's name or brand; that could have everything or very little to do with monetary purposes or fame. Also chef's who retire from the line DOMINATE DOMINATE social media.


I think social media just only plays into the egocentric, voyeuristic nature of our me, i find it incredibly erk-some, now that's just me i'm not really trying to have a philosophical debate, just wondering if there's other intellectual outputs, peoples experiences with it,  reading recommendations, etc.

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I want some of what ever your on.

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It's cool the 95th percentile don't want ya

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You've touched on a very interesting part of our society with your comments about social media.

I am not of the Facebook, Twitter....etc, generation mentality myself, I use it to them in touch with family and friends.
I find it amusing that some use these medias to detail every moment of their waking life not to mention their thoughts, and aspirations.

I don't see the point of hanging ones personal laundry out for all to see..


As for Chefs....I'll say this.....t"hat you are only as good as your last plate" that vein Chefs have a point with flouting their celebrity.

What else do they have?

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Well that's the thing, the nature of a chef has always had ego and personal pride involved..and in the media age its a whole new animal.

I am of the media generation, and when everyone else is glued to it, your right...what other choice do they have, i just couldn't be bothered..everyone needs to play in a role in life to feel satisfied and someone else can take that one for me. I just feel like once your cuisine becomes elevated to a certain point it's almost foolish to aiming your focus on appealing to people who it's lost upon..focus your voice and fame on the responsibilities of a chef. We're educators , elevate the your regions cuisine outside of yourself it's foolish to self promote when your that good. 

Only good as your last plate is as dated as scallop and bacon, it may hold truth, but that's been established and becomes a cliche

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A looong time ago, I had a girlfriend who needed--no--insisted--on constant attention.  The relationship lasted a few weeks, I think the final straw was when she insisted I shoot a whole roll of film (don't think you'd remember 35mm film...) on her new dress.


Obviously, from reading my opening statement, you can guess--and rightly-- that I don't partake in "social media", heck I don't even have a smart phone, still have a land line.  My kids do, though.  My 15 yr old takes his 'phone into the bathroom with him, I hear it go off when he's in the shower; some eejit's calling him at 1:23 am, some call him up at 6:30 am and ask him what he's doing. He's a slave to that (deleted)-ing thing.  I've fired people for not working and yapping on their phones crouched in a corner, tell them they can talk all they want on breaks or off-duty, but not when I'm paying them.  Most of the fire-ees truly believed they were entitled to yap, or stare at their screens whenever and where ever they feel.


I don't "get" social media, I don't get the concept of needing constant attention, of being constantly on-call and reachable, don't see the reason for posting pics of someone's kittycat wearing a cute ski-toque, or why someone is disgusted with a $3.00 buritto and shows the pic of a half-eaten one.


I dunno, I hate phone calls and being openly available for contact on social media.  After 30 years in the hospitality biz, and half of that time running my own businesses, a phone call or electronic contact usually means one of 4 things:  1)Bad news,(break in, fire, water main break, employee in the hospital, etc)

2) request for money,

3)request  for sweat, or

4)request for product.


Just an old fart who's giving you his opinion, take it for what's it worth.  Oh, and welcome to the forum

...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
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I enjoyed that, i don't think it has much to do with age, cause i'm 22 and light people up for's sad seeing cooks looking like their having withdrawals when they're being watched and they know they have a text or a phone call to answer...shortly follows the cig break or bathroom break...granted i've been told that i'm an old man in a child's body..still look like a child. Or maybe because we're both Canadian..

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This all really comes on the back-end of a injury that kept me out of crave the craft and the product, just playing with food.

In search to find outlet for the creative, intellectual side of being a chef..besides the masochistic labor aspect..but i was left severely disappointed. And when i say out of work...i mean like really out of work. I'm well aware of the different mean's to obtain information or inspiration, it's just unfortunate when you see mediums like social media that could be a fantastic opportunity for that and instead it becomes abused to feed societies insecurities..

Guys should check out the ted talks of food..

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I suggest you read some Ernest Hemingway as soon as humanly possible. Any of it.

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haha it's been awhile

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