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Reheat roast chicken?

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Hi there,


I'm thinking about putting roast chicken on the menu of my small restaurant. Due to widely fluctuating business I will not always sell all the chickens I roast. Has anyone got any experience with reheating them in the oven? I fear they might get really dry once reheated.


Thanks a lot,


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Brine them, will help keep them moist.  Wrap really tight with clear wrap.



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Hi Steve,


thanks! Do you mean wrapping them after brining and before roasting, or wrapping them in film after they have been roasted and before refrigeration?




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Brine, cook before service, serve or hold, wrap and chill for another day. The one pain in the a$$ is that chicken reheats slooooooow. We do not nuke anything so I take what ever I think I will need for next couple of hours out and let them get to room temp/60 degree area.  Even at 60ish takes good 10 minutes in convection to get to service temp.  I am dealing with half chicks.  I buy whole bird, break down and use carcase for stock.  As service goes along I will rotate them into reach in so they don't go bad.  Not optimum and don't tell the HD.  When I get my big boy restaurant I want a CVAP.



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I used to run a half cornish with baby cabbage and black eyed peas in the off season but i didn't roast them i brined off small batchs then fried them with just a little seasoned cornstarch turned out lovely saved ticket times and waste cost but also made them super moist
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