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Peach Cobbler

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I am making a peach cobbler but I would like to know how to thicken the juice.

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Pour the juice off into a saucepan.

Make a slurry with some of the juice and tapioca starch and whisk into pan.

Bring up to slow boil and continue whisking until it is as thick as you like (you can use corn starch but it breaks down with prolonged cooking).

Season to taste...sugar, salt, lemon juice for that acid hit and cinnamon are traditional in my kitchen.

I like to add a drop of almond oil....brings a wow what is that factor into play.



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thx. i was also wondering when thickening, how do i know when to use what thickener with what dish

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Oh gosh.

There are a zillion ways to thicken something and most are interchangeable.

Reduction, slurrys, stick blenders are great for a dish that has lots of soft veggies (altho it still might need a bit of reducing after).

I am making chili today and expect to whiz (mini processor) a corn tortilla or two with a bit of water and thicken with that.

I searched CT and there are lots of threads on this subject.

Way too many for me to add links lol.



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thx so very much

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