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I make a caramel Bavarian cream.i use the dry method.for how long should I boil the mixture sugar-cream.does it have to reach a specific temperature?
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I don't think there should be any boiling going on after the (whipped) cream is added.



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I didn't quite get what you were asking.

If you are referring to the actual custard component... I bring to a boil and then shut it down to a simmer.

It is done when the mixture coats the back of a spoon.

Times will be different for just about everyone depending on elevation, ambient humidity, type pan used and so forth and so on.

Re temp?

IDK sorry.



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I make a dry caramel with the sugar.then I add the warm liquid cream to stop the process.this mixture (melted sugar-cream)should boil for some specific time until it gets the right temperature?is it necessary?with that mixture I make then a cream anglaise and finally add the semi whipped cream
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I would make the caramel and then let it cool sufficiently to be added to the anglais and the whipped cream; in my experience I don't let it cook after adding the warmed cream.  I like a very dark caramel otherwise to my taste it gets diluted after you add the anglais and whipped cream...

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