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Wanting a teacher

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hello my name is Jessica am a cook for about eight years now. I have been cooking and as well baking on my own for the eight years I have been out of school. But I really like baking but I want is someone to teach me more. I was wondering how I should look for this. I don't care where I move and so forth but I want to work in a real bakery that can teach me things that others can not. I want to learn to make wedding cakes and such. I'm always wanting to learn and I guess my question is where to start.

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Hello Jessica.

Welcome to Chef Talk.

If you can bake a cake you can make a wedding cake.

You will need a few additional skills and techniques but nothing so difficult that a lot of practice won't take care of.

I am self taught and if learned it so can you.

There is a great site with nothing but baking and decorating awesome cakes as well as tons of tutorials on everything you will ever need to know.

It is free.

Don't want to step on CT's toes so I will PM the site addy to you.

I am excited for you!



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