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A new beginning

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I am an accountant by day, and a home cook by night.  I love, and have always loved all things food.  Eating, cooking, reading, etc. 


I am finally starting a journey I should have started over 10 years ago.  Why, because I let family and society tell me what is an acceptable career.  So, here I stand at the age of 30, as an accountant by day, on my way to being a caterer by night.  I start at Le Cordon Bleu this summer, where I will begin their Culinary Certificate Program.  I am no stranger to hard work, education, and I love direction from the experienced.  I feel like there is always something to learn, no matter where I am in life. 


So here is to a new beginning.  Please feel free to leave any tips, or words of advice.  


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Aloha, welcome to Chef Talk.

You've definitely come to the right place!

Chef Talk is the best place for Home Experts, as I like to think of myself, and the Professionals to connect, that's why I joined about three years ago.

I applaud you for taking that step, I think that your adventure will be a blast!

Please visit CT often and parpicpate in the conversation and keep us all updated on your journey.

Once again, welcome,


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Thanks for the welcome.  I look forward to learning a lot from this community. 

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