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Need advice for employee...

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One of my employees has been getting anxiety attacks in the middle of service and he starts to screw up. Its an open kitchen and he's been with us since the very beginning. Don't want to can him as he's also a good kid. Thoughts?
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How long has he worked there? How long has he had the attacks?
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Been here 3 1/2 months, they started happening two weeks ago.
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What station does he work? Do you have any slower or less pressure stations that he could work? How much prep work is there, could you possibly utilize him more in a prep capacity? What about slower days or times? Have somebody work the station with him to help him learn what to do to be more efficient thereby lessening and alleviating the stress when tickets start to pile up. I am sure that you probably know and have done all these things, but I don't know what else to say.

Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
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May not have anything to do with work.

May be just when it hits.

Have him see a doctor.



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I've felt with this kinda stuff before. It's not work if he's been there and fine that long.
Talk to him and figure out what he's stressing on. Because it sounds like whatever it is is weighing heavy on him and then the added stress that comes with the rush just pushes it over the edge.
Honestly I would start by asking what's going on if there is anything you can do to help and honestly a little time off might just be what he needs to de-stress and come back and focus.
Loke I said I've had cooks that have done that before and I've been to the point too where you just need a break to take care of yourself to be able to do your job
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Sound like he needs a holiday and when he gets back put him on a different station

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I'd surely have a chat with him first and try to show that you do care.

and try to find out whats up with him.

maybe he's just feeling not confident enough about himself (which I don't think is the case….by the way) or maybe its something in his private life.

personally I'd always want to know if something is going on in some employee's life so that I can take note of it when something happens.

whether he is getting enough sleep, taking care of himself well enough, is on meds, etc.


that you would show him not to worry and trying to help him get things right, that you do care, could mean a lot to him right now.

let us know how it worked out.

I feel sorry for him….

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