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Caramel glaze

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Any recipes for caramel glaze?
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You could use a clear caramel, but depending on what you are glazing, it might melt...

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Francisco Migoya uses caramel glaze in two of his cookbooks.  I don't have them with me now, but you might find the recipes online.  I have used them with great success both as is and with substitutions (passion caramel and coffee caramel).  

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Did you manage yo find a recipe? I have a fantastic one if you're still looking
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Would dulce de leche work?
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It depends upon the result you are after, if you want a glaze that will harden like an icing I make a mock caramel flavor by melting brown sugar with butter and whipping in powdered sugar/vanilla.


If you are after something thin, transparent and shiny I make a traditional caramel and thin it with corn syrup (after cooking) to the consistancy I like. It's similar to turning a ganache into fudge sauce, the less corn syrup you add the thicker it will be, the more you add the more fluid it will be.

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No..not really
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I want a mirror glaze..not thick and hard when it sets.
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I go back to work tomorrow I'll post the recipe then
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Thank you very much!
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Here you are:


860 g Sugar

720 g Cream


720 g Water

48 g Corn Starch


24 g Gelatin

145 g Water


Caramelize sugar and add cream
Combine water and starch and add to caramel.

Bring to a boil.
Bloom gelatin in water and add to mass.
Strain then use. 

Everybody's got to elevate from the norm.
Everybody's got to elevate from the norm.
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