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270mm Gyuto, narrowed down my search, looking for opinions/experience

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I am an experienced home chef and have many knives.  But no "chefs knive" bigger than 8".  My main 8" knife is a Mac Pro Mighty that I REALLY like.  I also have an older Henckels Pro S 8" that I like but have never loved..It's a bit heavy and does not hold an edge as well or as long as I would like.  I also use a Wusthof Grand Prix 7" Santoku that get's a lot of use.  I sharpen my own knives with whetstones and can get quite a good edge on all of them.  Obviously, the edge on the Mac "edges" the others out.  :)  So, in my search for a 270mm (yes, I know some of the sizes vary, the Mac Pro is sitting at the top of the list.  Overall, I like the handle.  My only "slight" complaint would be the size of the handle.  I have big hands and the Mac is somewhat short for me.  But, since I mainly use a pinch grip.  It's not a super big issue.  So, the Mac is in the $200 range.  So, I have been looking at other options in a similar price range.  I am just looking for something in addition to my 8" chefs knives.I love the Mac 8. But, want something for larger jobs. I am leaning towards getting the Mac 270mm but wanted to look at other options in the same price range. ($200 or so) I've heard very good things about the Kagayaki VG-10 knives as well as the Gekko Knives at JCK. I like the Kagayaki because it is slightly lighter. The Gekko is slightly heavier than the Mac. Anyway, just wanted to throw it out there for thoughts. 

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You may consider the Hiromoto AS. Not the lightest one, a bit blade heavy. By far the best steel of all you mentioned, F&F a little basic.
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Thanks for the reply.  I have actually heard good things about that knife as well.  It is definitely on the top end on the weight side.  In the end, it is about the same weight as my Pro S 8".  And on a 10.5" knife, it is going to feel a lot lighter.  


How is the maintenance of the Carbon Steel?

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Maintenance of the Hiromoto AS is very easy. Wipe the carbon steel after use with a damp cloth, just as one will wipe the edge of a stainless. In both case you don't want food remainings to stay on the edge as they will dull it. It's only a few millimeters of core steel that are unclad. The carbon core steel is fairly unreactive and will immediately take a patina.
The photo shows my 270 after one day of home use only.
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Once you have big hands you should give a try on wa handles. In this area I reccomend the Takayuki Grand Chef or Kohetsu Aogami Super.

For Western handles:

- Carbon: Misono Swedish (this is my precious :peace:), 

- Inox: Misono 440.


Hiromoto AS is a nice option too, such as another MAC (but I would like to try something else).

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I actually went with the Hiromoto AS 270mm and also picked up the 150mm petty.  They both arrived today and I am VERY pleased with the quality out of the box.  Now I just need to get some time with them!

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So, its time for finelly chopped vegies soup... hahahaha

Please, don´t forguet the review after using them.

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