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Hello people!

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Thanks for warm welcome!


I'm working at renown place and I can cook pretty much everything. I had a busy parents and started basic cooking :) to survive at 10th. The country I come has rich soul cuisine and flexibility toward foreign influences. My cooking is very affected by mine or other's grandmothers as I liked particular tastes as a child. I'm 45 and happy creative cook all my life.


I'm aware of importance but I feel itching by doses and measures! I admire people who cook using their own brain, with true love and courage.


Hope I'll be useful here, thanks again.

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Welcome to Chef Talk.

I’m sure that you’ve already found that the membership here is from all around the world, with skill levels varying from Professionals to Home Cooks and everything in between.

Feel free to join in any conversation or start your own relevant thread.  You might want to utilize the Search bar at the top of the page, as many topics have been discussed previously.  The Articles, Reviews and Galleries are of note as well.  Should you have questions that are not addressed in the FAQ or Community Guidelines, please feel free to post them in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.  Everyone here is most helpful and treats one another with the utmost respect.

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Thank you very much for warm welcome, I'll give my best to explore and join the company in the best possible manner.

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