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Greetings Like Minded Human Beans!


I can't believe that I just started culinary school for pastry and baking after all these years. The irony is that one of my fist jobs was in a bakery, and I worked my way through University many moons ago as a server, prep and line cook. After a fulfilling career in outdoor and environmental education; I am ready for something a little different and much quieter. So here I am. 


I live on an island in the Pacific Northwest where farm to table food is a big deal. I am looking forward to taking my new skills and applying them to creating gluten free and some "sugar" free creations that don't taste funny. My goal is work for a farm to table restaurant, resort, or rustic lodge. 


It is nice to meet all of you.

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Aloha, welcome to Chef Talk @Naturesbliss

I love the Pac NW of the US and you're an island person to boot? I'm from an island in the middle of the Pacific, it was more sea to table for us.

I admire folks who take on a new challenge, starting an exciting next chapter in life, good on ya.

Take a lookey-loo around the joint and if you have any question you can post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.  Speaking of the forums, the Professional Food Service section is read only for us not employed in the industry.

Have you found on Face Book as well as on Pinterest yet?  Good stuff, more like minded folks there.

Hopefully, you will be able to find time in your busy day to join in the conversation often and maybe even post a few snaps of your success as well as flops.

Once again, welcome.

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