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lamington cakes that peaks in the centre.

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~~Hallo I am from south Africa . I run a small bakery on the farm and I mainly bake lamingtons on big scale. I now have to go from making the mixture once to 3 times, and in a bigger pan. The problem that I am having at the moment is that the cake domes in the middle and the sides are very thin, I looked at the oven and made it level, I looked at the temperature and it bakes the single batter cakes perfect. Do you think I can place like foil on the whole cake pan and bake it that what to stop it from peaking? I also tried pouring the mixture in from the sides so it runs to the middle still no help. Do you perhaps know what will happen if I place something smack in the center of the cake like a knife or something. I am loosing so much cake because its not baking evenly. I hope you can help. thank you.

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any one? no ideas??????

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I hate to sound uneducated and have heard of a Lamington cake but cannot pull it out of my memory.

Off to educate myself but in the meantime if you could please post the recipe for a single batch, instructions for preparing the batter and size pan (for just the one cake you usually bake as well as the larger one)  it would help us help you.



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I need to educate myself on them as well.  You mentioned using the foil...have you ever used the cake strips?  Like these...

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hallo, thank you i will go measure the pans 2 morrow and post it for you.. Iamingtons is basically a flat white cake that is cut in squares and then dipped in warm cacao syrup and then rolled in coconut

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hi thank you i went to go look at the strips, it is going to take 4-6 weeks for the strips to be shipped to south africa.  It does seem like that will sort out my problems though. I will google self make baking strips and see if i can not find them in south africa. I must just add i have not seen them where i stay. I stay 30 km from the nearest town.

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Thread Starter i found this link, and will try this on monday.

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Annie, that links looks like a good possibility.  Here's another link that might be helpful.  Rose Levy Beranbaum is a good resource when it comes to baking.

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Morning, thanks so much, that is what i was looking for.. well its sunday here, and im gonna prepare all my strips for 2 morrow when i have to bake 11 cakes. Thank you so very much for the help. i feel so much better now.

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Evening all, first time in months that my cakes are all even.. boy does that baking strips work. I can not believe it. once we saw how to put the foil and baking towels in and fold it we baked 4 perfect cakes. I have less than a 500 g wastage today. Thank you so very much all.

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Annie, that sounds great!

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Can someone please tell me if i should bake a cake longer if i double the recipe, or will the cake in principal still bake the same amount of time. I made the batter double today and the cake bake longer, but in the end it burned a bit underneath.


If i only need 1 1/4 of the recipe per cake pan, will it work if i take the recipe as is and divide all the ingredients into 4.?


Thanks to much

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Annie, it should be about the same amount of time.  What can make a difference is the depth of the batter due to changes in pan volume. Obviously a deeper batter requires a little longer baking time, and shallower is less.  Does that help?  Sorry...I wasn't clear on your question about 1 1/4 the recipe going into 4 pans...??? 

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hi skyler, no at this stage if i make the batter once its too small for the pan, if i make the batter 1 and 1/2 its too big for the pan, then the lamingtons isnt small enough (not the right size to fit into the packaging) now im thinking i should make the batter 1 1/4 for the pan. that should give me the correct size. Reason why im asking it here is i did ask someone and they said that you can not really make the batter less than 1/2 of the original quantity.  sorry im struggling to explain myself in english.


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Annie, did you already post the recipe?  I'd need to see it to be sure, but making 1/2 the recipe might be better than 1/4.  I know it would be more batter than you need...could you just bake up something small with the excess batter?  


You're doing fine with your English!:) 

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No i didnt post the recipe, i am a bit scary to post it as i know people want it here, and i dont want to give it to them as it took me forever to sort it out.  I can give it to you on an email if you need to see it. I will try to make a smaller cake with the excess. thanks so much.

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I understand how you feel.  I think making something with the excess batter is the way to go.  Let me know how it works out.

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