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"quick service trash" looking to move up

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So, I have been in the food industry for 8 years now.. and none of it has been particularly glorious work, however, I have a greater sense of urgency and endurance than most of the culinary hot shots that I've worked with in the past. The closest I've ever come to working in a full service restaurant was as a grill and prep cook at a high volume Mongolian grill. However, I do have 4 years of lower management/supervisory experience. The only reason I have not moved into salary is because I was a full time college student up until this spring. Due to issues with financial aid, I am not able to go anywhere above maybe a community college on my allowance, but I really do love this industry. I just would like to work in a more challenging environment.


Would it be wise to just try to get an entry level kitchen-helper/dishwasher position with a from-scratch kitchen and attempt to move up from there? Would it be possible to convince a chef of my abilities to grow based solely off of performance? I used to be servsafe certified through another job, would it make a difference if I got this renewed on my own?

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If you can afford to spend a couple grand getting a diploma/certificate from a community college i would do that. If not, then i would choose the prep/dish option and show interest. Where im from it would cost around 5000 dollars i believe to do a year diploma, not sure about where you are though. I might get laughed at for suggesting this though, but another way to learn some basics is to watch a lot of youtube videos and some of the food network can be useful for certain things. Obviously you have to practice these skills but it's free....

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If you have cooked before and actually have experience on a line and are confident in at least being on the line, why would you apply as a dishwasher?

Apply as a prep/cook and be honest, you cooked in "so and so" restaurants and you love food and what to produce a better product and learn. 


I never went to culinary school, started washing dishes at some local grill when I was 16, then moved around starting "cooking" at some sandwiches places, then got a corporate turn and burn short order line cooking job and shortly after a few local cafes I am at a 4 diamond Hotel cooking under chefs in as a line cook. 


Find a local places thats producing good food, get in there learn the basics of real cooking and keep stepping up as a cook. 

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