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Nuwave2 induction cooktop

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Bought one off HSN for $89 final price and 2 of their ceramic 8" fry pans. I'm very happy with it and induction cooking in general, better than gas and 100 times better than electric range tops. Only down side needed to buy set of new cookware since all my cookware wasn't induction ready. Bought Emeril pro-clad made by All Clad and it workes great very happy. How do you feel about induction cooking, do you feel its worth the cost of new cookware?
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I just got the NuWave PIC set as a christmas gift.  I've used it three times now and am really happy with it.  I've done some sauteing, omelets, and a hearty bean soup in the pressure cooker.  My Lodge enamel-clad cast iron work on it, bringing 4 cups water to a rolling boil in less than 5 minutes.  This is my first experience with induction cooking.  I haven't had to get new cookware myself (my gift came with two of their skillets), but most of mine won't actually work.  Copper bottoms, aluminum, and aluminum-clad SS just won't work on this system.

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