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Over here in Malaysia, to be a chef you'd usually take a Diploma in Culinary Arts course, where you'd be taught practical and theory stuff on cooking, and also kitchen management, hygiene and business stuff. After which you can take a Bachelor in Arts in Food Catering or an Advanced Diploma. 


Or you can take a course in Bachelor in Science in Culinology, which I'm currently aiming for.


However, I can also take A-levels, which is a course in college with 4 subjects like Chemistry, Biology, Further Maths and some other elective. 


On one hand, A-levels offers a more sturdier background in science for a future in R&D, but on the other hand, I've heard that to be a qualified research chef, you'd need a good amount of experience in the kitchens. 



What I'd like to ask is if it is advisable to do a Degree that involves quite a bit of Science after doing a Diploma that may or may not have that much in-depth Chemistry.


Any opinions are welcome

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