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Electric Vs Gas grill

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Hey there,


We are opening a restaurant in China, Mediterranean fast-casual, with grilled meats. Planning on serving 60-100ppl/hour on busy times, and I have a few questions where maybe experienced chefs could help:


1) We are going to offer some grilled meats, but natural gas enabled places are harder to find in here, more expensive, and require extraction hoods by law. Can electric setups achieve good results? Can we afford not to get an extraction hood? (not really in my mind, but maybe someone knows of other solutions).


2) We only have 2 minutes per customers, Shall we stick to a "a la minute" grilling station, or batch cook meats before and keep in hot drawers? How is it usually done in your country?


see: for inspiration... Menu offer and serve line should be pretty similar.


Thank you very much for your time and your help :)





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Have you thought about induction cooking? Maybe take a look at the Falcon E3913i Induction Range Cooker

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Thanks Corrchilled for your suggestion!
Induction hadn't crossed my mind to be honest. I'm thinking about a grilling station, so food will be in direct contact with hot plate (if not using BBQ), so induction wouldn't work.

I could of course consider using a medium, like a grilling plate, but I feel adding an extra medium would slow the cooking time, due to heat/energy losses incurring... But then again, I might be wrong... You/anyone have been using this kind of setup before?
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 personally I think Induction is the way forward in particular the Falcon E3913i, we are planning to purchase one fo use in our restaurant, for the same reasons, we have a canopy, but dont have the interlock, and all the other stuff that goes with it, also we use LPG for our heating ad water, and the LPG tank is 35 meters away from the kitchen, and to put all the interlocks on solenoids and run the pipe to the tank will cost around £2700(inc vat), then we have to fctor in the gas 6 burner at a further £1800 (inc vat) so by the time we have spent £4500, and not filled the gas tank induction is bound to make sense

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induction will work you just need specialist pans, have at

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Between electric and gas grills, I'd definitely go for gas grills. It's still convenient and easy to use; plus, it can give better taste to your food especially if you're considering to get a grill for your restaurant! Most of the time, in terms of grilling the most common to consider is either to have charcoal and gas grill because both are in the middle of giving you convenience and taste! But between the two, I'd still go for gas grills since it save you a lot of time when cooking and still get the taste. Though some might argue that the taste is still incomparable when charcoals are used.

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