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Low cost buffet items

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Hello fellow chefs.
I just picked up a gig feeding a frat house with a low budget. I am looking to feed 15 boys for under $25. And ideas?
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For a buck and a half per fratty, including cost, expenses, your time/profit, and waiving any minimum?

Hmm.... a platter of hi-protein granola bars maybe?  'Be good fer em. :rolleyes:

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The 25$ is only for food costs. The rest of the expenses are accounted for.
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BBQ Pork sands & fries
Spaghetti & Meat sauce, salad and garlic bread
Lasagna with garlic toast...( I have made it for $1.25 a slice cut 24 in a 2" full pan )
Sweet & Sour meatballs over rice
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy hot veg
Tacos RF beans, Spanish rice
Chix enchilladas
Beef stew in a bread bowl
Pepper steak over egg noodles
Teriyaki chix with fried rice
Mac and cheese hot dogs
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Baked Ziti

Pasta Fagaioli Soup and salad

3 way Chili

Chicken Tetrazzini

Baked pork loin

Red beans and Rice

Ground beef Stroganoff over noodles

Chicken and Biscuits (Chicken pot pie filling over top of biscuits)

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Just 1 meal? lunch dinner bfast?

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P.S.  I'm not in your line of business, but I do know the cost of food here in Oklahoma, as I purchase and cook for a non-profit kitchen.  With just the cost of food, no paper or drinks, food only cost us $2.31 average meal and that is shopping bargains at local stores and Sam's.  That is the protein, veggie, salad and dessert.  Those are not really kids, they will be 18 and up probably and a hot dog and coke probably wouldn't work.  I think when you made the contract you should have asked what they wanted for the $25 worth of food and seen if you could have made a profit on what they wanted.  You know they couldn't go out and get a Big Mac for 1.65.  You probably got the contract because the others caterers wanted $5.00 each only for food.

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Thanks for your suggestions so far. Some great ideas. It is just dinner no drinks (I am pretty sure they just drink beer) and no dessert.
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