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I have a question that needs a back story first.  I make an egg bake in the oven using egg beaters, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and crumbled sausage.  I usually make my mixture and then pour it into 6 small 4" diameter cake pans to cook @ 350 for about 25-30 min or until lightly golden brown.  (4" cake pans make perfect size for English muffins.)


My question is when I do make these they always turn out a little slimy on the bottom after they cool down.  I was wondering if was to get the pans hot in the oven first and then pour in my mixture and back it like normal if i would avoid this condition?

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onions, peppers and mushrooms will all give up a lot of free water - I wonder if this is the actual cause?  too much liquid which then separates to the bottom....?

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So maybe sweat those veggies out till there is no real liquid left?

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worth a try - sweat them down to the point they still have some crunch & texture, then drain . . .


that's my tactic for western (plus other goodies...) omelets - 'pre-cook' tomatoes/onion/diced pepper + etc so they are hot and but drained before inserting in the omelet.....  in the case of an omelet the 'stuff' isn't quite as incorporated as your dish, but pre-cook & drain prevents the "omelet on the plate swimming in water" effect.

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