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got an exciting proposal tonight!

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I'd love to read some feedback.


As you know I'm a line cook (I do garde manger).

Taking my next degree starting this september. (in netherlands its slightly different but it means you learn how to become an independent working chef and how to run a kitchen)


Because of my background I got a proposal that's hard to resist and a real nice challenge to me.

I was asked whether I feel like working with youngsters with disabilities and teach them the basics in the kitchen.

Attached to that same kitchen will be a little restaurant.


Talk about a challenge! SO I will have to learn to run a kitchen, work the hot side, plus also offer guidance to the youngsters which last thing I would LOVE I know…..

It's youngsters mainly with problems, being behind in their development age wise, plus some not being able to function in the community otherwise.

The company I work for, places them in the food industry (restaurants mainly)  to work as helping hands in kitchens or as dishwashers etc depending on what they are able to take.


I feel very excited about the proposal because it means I will be able to share and teach.

And at the same time nervous because it means I have to learn all I can at my current workplace where I am having a hard time for the moment because I have just been working for one year in this industry.

I take it when my next education starts I will learn many more of the things I will need.

Aside from that will have the support of a mentor friend who has been in the industry for 44 years and is no longer actually wanting to be the chef, because of health problems.

Means it all will rest on me..


I am sure I will love it, no doubt, I have the passion and the drive, and the patience to teach.

But….. WOW….running a kitchen, making menus, and all the rest….it's exciting and scary at the same time.



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That IS exciting, and sounds like an opportunity right up your alley for several reasons.

Sure a bit scary, all that responsibility, but I have NO doubt youre not only up to it, but

will excel, maybe even surprise yourself. Oh look, now you've got MEEE excited! :bounce:


Please tell us more as you know more....



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uhmmm for what reasons??? :) 

am interested in what you think.

why do you think I am up for it?

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Soesje I was referring to your obvious drive, passion, and attraction to a challenge.

And maybe even the adrenalin rush. :)

You've also proven yourself to be a supportive person, and I see that trait as laterally

applicable to teaching and helping challenged kids, especially in a field you already love.

I also suspect you'd  find it rewarding.

You also seem to see things in the industry much the same way as I do, and this is

something I would find rewarding.


Okay?? :o 

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now I'm blushing….

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Oh come on....if I really wanted to make someone blush I could do far better than that! :lol:


It also counts for a lot to have someone with years in the industry watching your six for you,

makes you luckier than a lot of us.



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It sounds like an awesome idea and a great opportunity.  In the USA we used to have "home-ec" in high school.  It stands for "home economics" and it taught kids how to cook and do basic household tasks.  Sadly it has mostly gone away (as has music education).  It's a great thing to teach youngsters how to be more self reliant.

"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." - Aristotle
"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." - Aristotle
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phaedrus, I know what home economics is (or was, even since it is not part of the dutch culture).

but this new set up is meant to enable those youngsters to join the food industry….. I will have to teach them the basic skills.

at the same time will have to learn to run a (small) restaurant (don't know yet how many covers it has, have yet to receive pics about the building etc).


it feels very weird all this, especially because yesterday morning I was talking to that friend / mentor about that I thought to be able to teach youngsters and then that very night someone gives me a job opportunity for exactly that…..

good thing I first have to take the next degree where I need the much needed skill sets to run a business etc.


by now I already have a basic idea how I would like to set it up (talk about being inspired!!) regarding the restaurant.

it will be in a little town and because of the youngsters disabilities won't be fine dining.

thinking along the lines of a brasserie rather, basic classics that are well made and fresh, in a relaxt athmosphere.

I'd love to pamper my guests. (but also was told there would be no need to even make profit, but don't say that to me…)

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Soesje i have been following you for awhile on here so their isnt much i can say after everyone giving you positive reinforcement. 

So ill just say? 


YOU GO GIRL :rolleyes:

You will be great, and this part of industry can be just as rewarding. 

You got passion, and i know you will treat this opportunity with care, as well as do your job with love... 

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.



Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.


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blush KK……thank you! 

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This one will be rewarding and very frustrating at the same time---


A lot of your students will not be able to learn----can you accept that?


You will have failures--when that happens you are not at fault---If you can thrive on the successes and not let the failures upset you--then go for it.


I believe you will be a superb teacher, your enthusiasm is contagious--- I feel it across the Atlantic ocean---


I just want you go into this with your eyes open---there will be days that are frustrating---Mike---

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mike, exactly.

some of my students won't be able to learn more than just some simple skills and yes I will have to calculate that in.

most will be able to move on but none of them is going to end up in high end kitchens.

so my idea is to have at least one other person in the kitchen who is just able to handle things, to support the kitchen and to get things done.

aside from that , I do realize  that a LOT will also come down on me, too.


days that are frustrating, are even there in those kitchens all of us work right now, isn't it ;)

so that won't be much more different, only maybe that the focus should shift  a bit regarding that.


won't be for another year I think before all this is going to come into play so lots of time to learn more, and work out a workable concept at ease while taking my next degree starting this september.

already orientating what kind of menu I'd like, what price range (since its a little town should be affordable, small menu changing seasonally).

the example above is sticking around.

lots of farmers in the area so fresh/ local will be available….maybe some good meat.

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This should work for ----


Some of the kids will be favorites----you may help the parents to get these youngsters some independence--


A friend has a brain damaged adult son---her focus this year is to get him an apartment in his brothers building--


Little steps for those folks-----

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small town in holland? It's okay if you don't want to say where in particular, but I am curious. I lived in Rotterdam for a few years and I'm always curious about places to visit next time I go back

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mike, I will be helping the parents in a way that thhose kids will be able to have a job at all.

otherwise they may be deemed to feel useless sitting at home and driving those parents crazy.


beenjamin, it's going to be Budel. I myself live in Eindhoven. (bright lights big city)

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If you choose to take on the job--My hat is off to you---

Teaching the kids that they can be independent and useful is a great reward---


How you will have time to cook will be another story.


There is a place near by called Lambs Farm----an amazing place--Google it---sounds like what your place could eventually grow into---

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I looked up lambs farm, seems to be about people with down syndrome.

most people I am going to have to deal with, definitely do not fall under this.

autism maybe and other things.


how I will have time to cook? just by simply doing it.

its not that those people need babysitting they are there to learn….maybe prep will need more time and stuff.

I am the patient and caring kind of person, so I will make sure to make them feel at ease, treated well, etc

but work will still be……work and waiting for us and needing to be done.


this time I am going to make sure this person is going to follow through with this proposal….I have seen a pic of the location, which is good…… not the inside though.

hmmm. it IS a big bone to chew ;) as we say here….. speak about challenges about having to set this all up.

people around me say I will manage….. even a friend with 44 years experience.  (so his expertise is at hand but he has been out the business for a while now and not physically able anymore)

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