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Anybody have advice for expanding?

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I've been selling lots of pies now, out of my store front.


I am trying to figure out if I should be targeting restaurants next,


Do you sell pre-made desserts in your restaurants?  What kind of delivery schedule would you want?  Would it be better if it was fresh pies every 2 or 3 days?  Fresh pies with preservatives once a week?  Or frozen pies once a week?


Is the expectation that I would be on call 24/7, or would it be fine if I only delivered two or three set days per week?


Would you buy locally made pies, with local fruit if I came knocking on your door?

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I know a lot of restaurants buy desserts out if house in the US. Many years ago when I was line cookng at a nice upscale place they bought everything from a couple local bakers and even put it on the menu as a selling point that they featured their deserts from there. In the right style restsurants this works as it gives a good product without having to find the talent, space and equipment to produce it. If I recall right we got 3 delieveries a week, tues, thurs, saturday . One of my places( here in Sweden) is a cafe with an attached bakery/pastery shop where we produce everything for the cafe. Since we have the capasity to produce more than we need we supply several cafes around the area with fresh bread and pasteries 7 days a week. Its good business for everyone in the right situation.
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A recent wedding trend is to do late night snacks and a mini pie would be perfect for that sort of thing; even 4" pies for wedding dessert buffets is a good option as well.  Reach out to some well known and well respected wedding planners, country clubs and other venues that handle social events  in your area with a menu for mini pies and you might get some business from that....they'll want to know what the minimum order is (and define that by the number of pieces and number of flavors - it might be a minimum of 2 dozen of any one flavor for example), the order-by date (two days? four days?) and terms (COD, net 15, net 30).

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That is a great idea!  Thanks for that :)

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