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Adding a deba to the bag

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Hello everyone


Hi I am looking for a deba to add to my knife kit, currently I have a Masamoto KS 240mm, Tadasuna 270mm Inox, and a Konosuke 150mm petty. I am starting to have to break down fish, chicken and etc at work, that require a heavy duty knife. What would you guys and gals, suggest. I know how to sharpen fairly well, not too well on single beveled knives but i can learn. Would like to stick to $300 and under, but if you have any that is a bit over, feel free to mention it. I would perfer something between 160mm to about 180mm. Carbon or stainless is both ok. I was looking at the


Morikata 180mm deba


Mizuno 165mm or 180mm deba


Masamoto KS Deba




Masamoto KK Deba


I would really like your input, or if you have any other suggestions on other brands, or something that would do the same job. 


Thank you in advance. 



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Not so clear to me what you are going to use that deba for in relation to chicken.
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Well I was going to use it to break down chicken bones for stock, fish bones, and use it to filet fishes and etc. 


Thanks for replying 


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At least for the chicken you better consider a honesuki if you can't deal with it using your gyutos and the petty. A single-bevelled deba may look very sturdy but still has a thin, fragile edge.
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If you are in Honolulu You could order from Rakuten Japan.  I'd look for a Garesuki for chicken and a Deba for fish.  I confess to using my Deba for chicken, but I only use it to cut through articulations.  I don't use it in place of a cleaver - if you're going to chop bone get a cleaver.

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Thank you everyone for replying to this post, I am just going to buy a bone cleaver for breaking down chicken bones and later purchase a deba for fish. 


Thanks allen 

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