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Steam table foods!

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Started working at a new restaurant. Or well one that has been taken over. They have steam tables. The food never looks good! Other than meatballs what lunch foods are good for steam table service?

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Almost any food is good for the steam table. You should shy away from fried foods, although i do oven fried beer battered shrimp and oven fries that hold up well. It is all just a matter of rotation and using the freshest possible food, and whatever you do don't cook directly in the pans.

What we do is cook, chill, retherm for the steam table. we use combi ovens which inject moisture and we also heat as close to serving time as possible not letting it sit in the steam table or holding cabinet for more then 10 to 15 minutes. The Gourmet shop that I am Chef in has 16 wells and we do about 6,000 to 7,000 a week in steam table sales at a 45% food cost and this is between the hours of 10 and 3 Monday to Friday. 

I feel like we are successful at it and it is easy money.

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Most places i've worked, steam tables are just used for holding mashers, rice, sauces, soups, shredded bbq type meats. An unused well makes a good ice bath for garnishes. Are they not set up for cooking to order or just don't want to?
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at our restaurant we use steam tables however i seem to be having a problem with the cream based soups breaking down.  we tried double panning them and have the table set between 3 and 4 to not over heat...any suggestions

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Check your actual holding temp... in the states its 140; you don't *need to hold hotter than that. Also, when actually heating them you don't need to go over 165°. So don't set yourself up for failure. Als, don't expect to get more than a day.or two out of them
Are you using a binder? Roux or cornstarch?
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we use a roux however some such as our clam chowder if from a bag and just add milk...sill separate by the end of the same day

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Check your heating and holding temps with a thermoter, regularly. Make sure you're making the bagged soups right, as weird as that sounds
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Try Culinary Cream by minors, it is a stabilizer.  I use it to hold butter sauces, hollandaise and to keep my chicken and egg also tuna salad moist. It works great.

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 Hello Raytappy What kind of food do you display on the steam table that holds up well, can you give me some ideas please.?

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