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hi from iowa

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I'm a 50 year old grandma,  back in my home state after living in MO and Co for the last 10 years. Glad to be picking wild asparagus and morels in the spring.  I still visit CO in August for bolete (porcini) and chanterelle season.


Fresh, homemade and healthy is important to me. I do enjoy dining out, I like to try to replicate the dishes I enjoy. I generally avoid the chains, I prefer the locally owned places where I know the owners.


I like all kinds of new foods. I live in a small town, but its a university town so its rather international.  I'm  happy to have middle eastern, asian and mexican import grocerers in my area. Even the regular supermarket has a pretty good selection. Excellent beef and pork, it good without saying.


I love to bake bread, no machine please, kneading is the therapeutic part. Love desserts and I'm always looking for ways to cut fat and sugar! I've just started jamming and jelling with my mom from her fruit trees,grapes and berries in the last couple of years. Now I'm interested in learning sausage making.


I've been active in several other cooking and food forums over the years that have gone extinct, I've been lurking here awhile. Looks like a great place!

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Aloha, welcome to Chef Talk.

Wow, you sound like you’re busy enough for ten people!  And you’ve decided to join all of us at CT after lurking for awhile?  That’s fantastic, I think that you’ll find we’re a pretty generous collection of varying folks from all around the globe.  I’ve never been to Iowa before, but DH and I will get there someday.

Please take a look around, which it sounds like you have, and if you still have questions after reviewing the FAQ and Community Guidelines, go ahead and post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.  Speaking of the forums, the Professional Food Service forums are read only for us not employed in the biz, but it’s interesting to see what the chefs are talking about.

I hope that you’ll post up some of your successes as well as not so much, I too tried my hand and preserving recently and it was a lot of work.  My husband thinks I’m crazy; that no one does this anymore, just buy it at the megamart.  But I enjoy feeding our family and friends with the best that I can make myself.

Join us as often as you can and share in your knowledge of all things food and once again, welcome.

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