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Fluffiest rice pudding?

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I'm creating a rice pudding for presentation in the next few months, and I am trying to do several things: 1) I am trying to keep rice the main ingredient, 2) to make a stiff but light consistency, almost like mayonnaise 3) to keep the color a nice, clean white.


In order to smooth the consistency as much as possible I started with a nice rice flour, but none of my water-rice ratios so far have given me really creamy and fluffy results.


Any ideas? Thanks.

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Hello TexasAndy, and welcome to ChefTalk. You need to use milk instead of water to get a really nice white color.

Here's how I make it using 1 coffeecup of rice;

Use round rice like Arborio. Measure 1 coffeecup of rice and rinse it in a sieve. Bring 5-6 coffeecups of full fat milk to a simmer, adding 1 split vanillapod (scrape out the seeds but add the pod too). Add sugar to taste. Sprinkle the rice in the simmering milk and add a tbsp. worth of good butter which will prevent the milk from boiling over and give an extra taste. DO NOT stir the rice during the whole cooking process. Let simmer on low fire, lid on, for as long as it takes to absorb all the milk. When done, leave to cool entirely, preferably in your fridge. The rice will now be a very stiff mass.


Measure a coffeecup of liquid cream, add a little sugar and whip to a semi-dense consistency. Gently fold the cream into the rice. From now on the rice will remain fluffy, even when it comes out of the fridge.


Here's a few examples;


I used saffron in this one, so you get a yellow gold color. Just leave it out to get a nice white rice pudding.

Rice pudding with spices and speculoos 2 Rice pudding with spices and speculoos 3


Here's a white rice pudding topped with a little grated chocolate


rijstpap2.jpg roomrijst1.jpg

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Chris, that's a fantastic reply. Really gives me some great ideas.


I wonder, since I'm trying to keep this dairy-free, do you think I could achieve similar results with rice milk, oil instead of butter, and something else instead of liquid cream? I'm off to buy ingredients today or tomorrow...

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There's now a complete range of soy milk and soy cream available, Andy, I would go for that or maybe almond milk?

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