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Vacuum Sealers

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Who uses one, and what do you like/hate about it? Also looking for any model advice. TIA.

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I have been talking to my chef about a small vacuum sealer that we can use for prep. I know some restaurants who use it to portion tartars to be used during service. I work in a Japanese fusion restaurant and do a lot of beef, tuna, and salmon tartars. What a vacuum sealer would allows us to do is have X number of tartars prepped for service, but if they don't get used they still have a shelf life of two or three days, without oxidizing. As it is now, we have to do the dish a la minute, which isn't a huge deal, but it would be nice to be able to be faster with better prep. For us it would negate the problem of over prepping, you know you're going to be slammed, so you make a bunch of orders, but then at the end of the night you find you still have two three orders prepped and now they won't be any good the next day. That's $18 per order down the drain...


Other than that, they're great for freezing just about anything for longer term storage, which is what moist people probably use them for.

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most* I'm not sure what moist people do...

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I have a medium chamber vacum and i use it for nearly everything. sealing meats for use in the water bath, veg too. portioning and freezing about anything. compressing fruits even some of our sponge cakes are based on it i think i use it maybe 30-40 times a day every day. 

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