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Hi guys,


Last week, some of our office were required to go to Italy to meet with a potential client (oh la la, right?). We are are only a small company so normally we wouldn't even leave the state to meet a client, btu apparently these guys are a pretty big deal so the bosses went the extra mile for them.


Anyway, during the visit, the client took us to a restaurant called the Villa Crespi which was withotu doubt the fanciest restaurant I have ever been in my life. It is a haute restaurant - which, before a google search, I thought was a style of cooking! - and really lived up to its name.


I got to admit, as muich as I loved it, i spent teh whole time worrying that i was under dressed or that I stuck out like a sore thumb! really wasn't expecting to end up somewhere so fancy.


Here's my question: what is the fanciest restaurant you have ever been to? Has a date ever taken you somewhere that just took your breath away? Or maybe you had a similar experience as me?


Just interested to know what everyone else's experiences have been!