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Festival Vending Partnership

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I have recently gotten into doing events under an established festival vendor. I currently setup under his banner, recipe, style, etc. with him not needing to be present.  After 6 successful events, where I've outsold him(and have given him 30% profit), he's now requesting that he get 50% for future events. 


I don't mind giving him a percentage of the profits, considering it's his foot in the door, his banner, established cred, etc.  But to continue with him expecting half just seems too much.  All taxes, event fees, labor, product, etc is all factored out before profit....


Points for getting his 50%:

His established booth in these events (foot in door)

His licensing, permits, event listing connections

His equipment(steam table, tents, burner, tanks)

His established menu


Points for him not getting 50%:

I select events he's physically unable to do(too injured for extended drives so wouldn't do anyway)

I select events that he would not want otherwise(not profitable enough for him)

I select events that he's logistically incapable(2 differnet events falling on the same weekend)

I manage perfectly, setup to cleanup, without anything needed on his part

We agreed at start that 30% sounded fair, and then the increase topic came only after his noticing the revenue surpassed his priors


Other points

I have access to comperable major equipment so would not need his every time(but it's easier)

I know I can politely discoutinue this informal agreement and start my own

I have access to a proper food establishments for prep, health, etc.


Keeping in mind the items above, is his requested 50% still reasonable, or do you think I have legs to stand on with the points on my side?


Thanks in advance!

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What are you selling that you need his brand?

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Not quite his "brand", but literally just his banner.  I'll just call it "Shrimp Bowl".  At the events I've worked, it just seems to bring great business.  The food is simple and isn't at all trademarked, and I've been making the same dishes for years.


But it's just the combo of his known banner and menu at the events thus far.

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