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Crepe Stand

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I am interested in starting a Crepe stand at our local Farmers Market but have no idea what equipment I should buy? I am a chocolatier by trade and chocolates don't hold well in the heat or sun so I am looking for another option and I love crepes!  Any suggestions as to what kind of crepe machine is best?  gas or electric?  I know how to make crepes and have many recipes but I don't really know how to do it for large groups. I have many questions from how to transport the ingredients, knowing how much to bring, how to keep it cold etc. Would anyone be kind enough to give me some start up advise please? 


Thanks much, Lydia

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Fastest way to make crepes is free-form on a flat top grill.

Not perfectly round, but by the time you fold em or stuff em

and roll em and top em (as most crepes are) who cares.

The reason it's faster is you can pour several at a time, without

having to mess with all those individual pans or burners.

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