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Why do I always

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The hubs likes to cruise.

I like maid service and multiple courses at meals (and the wines!).

Always a win-win until we get back and I have to deal with the  :laser:laundry....



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overpacking is the bane of all enjoyable travel (g)

in my day I did a horrendous amounts of business travel - most of it "overseas" - I'm talking 2-3 weeks at a clip.  and, the day being "ancient" - it was suit & tie for everything and  everywhere.... had to plan on how many days I would be "in front" of who - and take 3-4 suits 'so as to be different' - black shoes, brown shoes - big fold-over type suit "baggage" - weighed in at three or four tons.  

plus, in ancient days laptop computers were mucho big-time heavier/bulkier, plus charger + modem + adapters + cables + "wiring kit" - dragging that amount of baggage around was a major major issue in planning how to fly from here to there and where/how I might have to claim&haul baggage from Terminal A to Terminal N.  one is well advised to avoid JFK with 60 tons of least the European airports had/have a ready supply of carts to handle the issue; not so much in USA.

this is different, agreed, than going on a cruise.  (a) I'm male so (b) not being female I do not require 13 outfits per day.
and, if it's a cruise, somebody gets to lug the heavy stuff to / from the cabin.

regardless, methinks a traveler needs to abandon the idea that one may not be seen in the same clothes twice when doing a 15 day excursion.

when I was bagging up for a 2+ week European trip, I'd go through my shirts, socks and (gasp) underwear.  picked out the worst of the lot.  why?  well, because after I "used" those items, I just tossed them in the trash can.  see:  laundry issues comma, absence thereof.  it was also a good excuse to ditch 'worn out' shoes, belts, ties, etc. and  came home with less than which I left with.....

business travel today is a bit more casual; vacation should be even moreso.  our oldest worked for an airline - we got el'supero-cheapie travel bennies - which we exploited to the maximum.  we've done two+ weeks in Europe, repeatedly, with nothing but a roller type carry-on bag.  haven't "checked a bag" since the early '90's -  it can be done if one accepts the other tourists likely won't notice that's the same thing you were wearing four days ago....  including Dear Wife and Dear (younger) Daughter.

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I feel for ys. With a wife and 4 kids it takes at lesst 2 cars to get to the airport. If its just me id have i bag and no carry on.
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What is really bad is that I never ever wear even half of the casual clothes but find the laundry room and wash at least two loads.
Do however "dress for dinner" and haul those mostly formals to the dry cleaners when I get home.
Being the typical woman haul extras for the do I look fat days.
Don't even get me started on shoes and the fancy jewelry.


Experienced a labor slowdown during debarkation.
Some kind of issue with the cruise line.
Once the entire baggage claim and customs area were crammed full here they came.
Most wasted another 20 min "cruising " the area with empty carts until desperate travelers that had flights to catch started waving what appeared to be large denomination bills over their heads.
Lo and if by magic they finally got some service.
Luckily we were able to struggle thru custom carrying our own bags.

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okay, so here's the funny thing...

when my husband and I travel, anywhere, anyway (cruise, car trip, flying)...




Me, I can get by with minimal items and then just interchange pieces (pick colors that go together please), I can pack all and I mean ALL of my stuff into a carry bag.

I don't fuss much with my hair, wash n' go style, very little cosmetics (sunblock, powder, blush, pencil and lipstick, face cleanser, moisturizer...that's it) and bathing suit and LET'S GO!


Now when we go to Hawaii, I take even LESS!!! Suit, shorts, tee-shirt, slippers (flip flops) and one dress with sandals to go out to a "nice dinner" in.


I read somewhere to take only 5-7 days worth of clothes and then find a washing machine!

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