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Stainless steel and 'green' non stick cookware?

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Hello! I finally decided to buy new cookware
I know all-clad is the best stainless steel set but I really dont want to spend that amount of money ... Is there anything good but for a more reasonable price?
About non stick, I have some hard idonized pieces but prefer to go green maybe with ceramic or marble?? I have been reading reviews and cant find a brand everybody is happy with .... Suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any help!

So far I have a bunch of hard idonized non stick pans I would like to get rid of.
1 cast iron skillet just started using but its very high maintenance and I was reading I cant store food in it, nor cook acidic food in it...
A few stainless steel pieces.

I was looking into these for the non stick alternative

My non sticks are 15+ years old and stillin good condition.

I use most of my pots for cooking rice with crispy bottom and sauces, stews, dips, chicken with onions etc
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All-Clad is definitely on the pricey side.  Tramontina gets good reviews.

the "best" thing is highly subjective.  a heavy bottom/thick disk is good stuff - the rest of "the best" is style, handle preference, etc.  if it's got plastic knobs and the user demands the ability to put it in the oven.... not really "the best" - or?

cast iron is high maintenance:  whot?  mine is no maintenance - cook, wipe it out with a paper  towel, air dry until next use.
true, extended cooking (i.e. 3-4-5 hours of 'reducing' tomatoes....) of acidic / watery stuff not recommended - it can strip the 'seasoning' - which is what makes cast iron non-stick.

the ceramic / green non-stick seems to have a very spotty reputation.  works for some people, doesn't work for others.
personally I don't recommend spending mega-bucks on "non-stick" of any kind.  seems it all "wears out to stick" sooner or later - I buy the el-cheepie $10-12 PTFE/aka Teflon pans and when they go south, they get chucked in the recycle bin.

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Vollrath is great. In fact go to your local restaurant supply store and chances are you'll find them or some other reasonably price tri-ply SS. Stay away from all those non-stick options IMO. I bought a green pan once and at first thought it was the revolution, but 6 months later I had to throw it in the trash. Talk about a green gesture, throwing a pan in the trash after 6 months. 

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Thanks, actually I have owned and used regularly some of my hard idonized non stick pans and pots for 15+ years, still looking good, still non stick. I just wanted to avoid ptfe .....
As for cast iron, maybe i have to get used to it but my DH does not like it period, also b/c we cant store food in it (?)
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