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Currently in Sonora, Mexico and have discovered a need for libros cocina or cook books in Spanish preferably Latin variety language but not for local cooking.  Something like the old Betty Crocker/Fanny Farmer/Joy of Cooking that covers the world and all the subjects of cooking but in Spanish would be preferable but I'll go for whatever I can find.


The problem here in Sonora is a.  Not many resources for books of any kind and b. the population doesn't have a lot to spend.


(Include food health subjects as well)


The group I'm working with are snowbirder RV types, cruising type sailors and those of us who have moved full time to Mexico we have several projects to assist where needed and this is one more.


I think the subject heading might be International or World Wide Cooking or perhaps by regions of the world.


Thanking all responses in advance


Michael (Miguel)

Sailing Vessel Se Langt

Marina San Carlos

Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico


No soy Mexicano - Gringo para EeUu o USA  y familia is Norske!