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Corn development on foot

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Guys, i have been suffering corn formation on the foot due to long hours in the kitchen.....i've tried many things such as medicines, proper footwear but nothing helps me at all. Anyone with any useful tips to help me out?

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Never had the problem until working as a nurse.

Wearing the hot and spongy (and despite the claims absolutely NO air circulation) regulation nursey shoes left me with ugly painful skin buildups (corns and calluses).

Went to an actual foot doc (we were rarely charged for office visits back then..."professional courtesy" was the norm) and got them all shaved off.

Then with my natural beauty restored (my avatar is not a joke) and a freshly written "Doctor's Note" became the first nurse on my unit to sport athletic shoes (high top Kaepas with plenty of toe room..are they still around? wicked comfy and looked so cool peeking from my scrub uniform bottom)

Web MD is a good site with lots of common sense info

Take what you need and leave the rest behind.

Expect to spend some $$$ for good shoes and buy at least 2 pair.

Wear good cotton socks (more $$) and rotate the shoes.

Give the previous day's footwear a rest (the number one answer to foot problems) a good airing and drying out before wearing again (next shift).

Not a cheap solution but you asked.



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thank you for your tips.....these insane working hours might be the reason

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