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Yorkshire loaf?

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Hey everyone i was daydreaming today of how neat it would be to attempt to make something like a yorkshire pudding type breadloaf with some kind of meat or something inside of it?  


 Has anyone else ever heard of this? is it even possible? lol


 i was thinking of attempting it but would love some info if anyone has tryed this before??!!

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surely that's just a toad in the hole?

And, at least in the UK, many pubs serve a large Yorkie filled with slices of roast beef or lamb or beef, with veg and gravy.
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Here's one picture I found with a quick search.  Toad in the hole in the USA usually means something different, eggs fried in a hole in toast.



Food nourishes my body.  Cooking nourishes my soul.
Food nourishes my body.  Cooking nourishes my soul.
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Ah, but Yorkshire puds originated in Yorks, therefore 'our' version is the correct one!smile.gif
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