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Hi there, I'm Mel and I live in Indiana. I have a genuine interest in developing my cooking skills and knowledge. Would like to branch out and actually make some of those recipes I'm saving on Pinterest and get out of the "rice and vegetables" for dinner routine.

I thought it would be nice to join a forum and interact with others rather than just relying on blogs and such.

That's all!

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Welcome to Chef Talk Mel, you're in great company.

Chef Talk has been around the `Net for more than 13 years now and you can even join everyone on Face Book too.

It never ceases to amaze me how generous the folks here are with their knowledge of all things food.

Ask any question (in the appropriate forum of course) and you're bound to get any number of answers.

Please take a moment to review the FAQ and Community Guidelines, in addition, the Professional Food Service forums are read only those of us not employed in the biz.

I hope to see some of your photos in the Galleries soon.



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