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Looking to buy a new knife

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Hello, I'm somewhat of a newb when it comes to knives, as I have only recently (about three years) started taking such an interest in chef knifes. Right now I'm using the chef knife I got with my equipment kit at LCB, it's a Mercer 10" German High Carbon Stainless Steel chef knife. I'm unsure of the exact model, but I could easily find it again. 


In my opinion, this knife has been great. It stays fairly true, it has a fairly even balance, and I'm used to it. There are a few things I don't necessarily like about it that I think have been affecting my knife skills. I think the blade is too long, and the knife is too heavy. The spine is close to 1/8" thick.


I want to buy a new knife, and see if I can refine my knife skills with maybe a new blade.


I'm curious what the absolute best knife is that is currently on the market, and then what the best knife I could buy with maybe $200 lol.


Post up and please let me know.



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If you look through the archives you'll see that folks around here tend to frown at a suggestion of "best knife."  That is probably why the lack of response.  Come down to earth, describe a bit what you are looking for in the $200 range, and very possibly you'll get some useful feedback on possible options for you.



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How heavy is your current knife? Are you looking for European or Japanese? Do you use your chef knife for everything ie cutting frozen product etc? Are you using in pro environment? Do you want stainless or carbon? What style of cutting do you primarily use? There is no best knife, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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I would also add the following questions:


What type of sharpening process do you use?


Do you have and use a honing rod?


What type of cutting board(s) do you use?


With a stated budget of $200, the answers to those questions can significantly affect the actual budget for your knife selection, if you also need to replace more than just the knife.


As for your current knife, Mercer knives are made from 4116 steel (aka "X50CrMoV15") and are not noted for being hardened to more than 56 hRc - not particularly distinguished.



Galley Swiller.

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I was going to start a new thread but came across this and thought someone might be able to help me as well.


My husband hunts and process his own meat so he has a knife set aside specifically for this. I have no idea what it is or why this is the knife he decided to use, but I'd like to get him a new one along with a sharpening steel for an Anniversary gift.


I've been doing some reading but am a bit overwhelmed with the information.


Does anyone have suggestions for the best knife to use on meat only (he does not cut through bone with this knife) and a steel to accompany said knife?. He usually uses a wooden/bambo cutting board.


Anxious to start shopping...

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Very different profiles are being used for meat, butcher's knives are very different in different cultures. Could you post a picture of the knife he now has in use?
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Bakin, you really should find out what your husband has now, he may possibly already be using a very expensive blade(s).  He may have one for field-dressing the kill, and another for the final butchering and a preference for which he'd want rerplaced.  Anyway if you can post the picture or at least find intelligible markings on the knife he uses for butchering you can come back here and we'd have something to go on.



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