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Espagnole Sauce

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Hey all,


I just made my first batch of espagnole sauce.  Overall it's very good but I can slightly taste and feel the texture of the brown roux. Is that a part of the flavor profile?  Should I strain it?  I used the following recipe scaled by 1/2:



3 fl oz vegetable oil
1 lb standard Mirepoix, medium-size, separate
6 oz tomato paste
5 qt Brown Veal Stock, hot
1 lb Brown Roux
1 Standard Sachet d’Épices
Salt and pepper, as needed


When making sauces such as bordelaise, robert etc. Do I use espagnole or demi glace as my base? I've attached a picture below.  It looks consistent with how a brown sauce should look like  BTW, it was in the refrigerator.


Also, there is a variant to the above recipe where I would just add flour to the pincage.  After it browns they add the veal stock.  Which is the better way?


I thank you in advance for your input



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Go one further and use a Glace  D "Viand to help flavor at the end.


It is great that you are learning this . Unfortunatly it is rarely used outside with the exception of a few upper echolon places.

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Thank you for your reply Ed


I'm learning the 5 mother sauces just for reference.  I just made mushroom sauce using a demi glace made from my espagnole sauce and veal stock, mushroom, butter and heavy cream.  It was delicious.



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Hello Zberlin,


It is very good that you are learning mother and small sauces. It is always a good thing to know the basics.

To answer some of you questions:


1. The roux should be thoroughly cooked so the end product taste neutral, one should not taste flour. Mother sauces have very light flavour profile, no flavours should stand out - it is a general rule of thumb of correcting the flavour profile.

2. Bordelais and robert use demi-glaze = 1 brown stock to 1 espagnole + d'epices, reduced by half.

3. Your recipe looks standard. Cook until the sauce is reduced by 1/3. Don't use vegetable oil, use butter, better flavour.

4. Running through mesh will guarantee smooth consistency, won't affect the flavour.

5. Add a cube or 2 of butter at the end to give shine to the sauce.

6. I wouldn't add flour to the tomato paste (pincage is a technique), if thats what you mean. You need cook through the flour, which means you risk of coloring and strengthening the flavour of tomato paste. But it could be done if that the intention, you could also find a taste somewhat finer and lighter, as a result of omitting the fat. 

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